Traveling Overseas for Surgery

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With the rise of medical tourism, travelling is now not merely for sightseeing but also for undergoing medical procedures while staying in a particular travel destination. If you are a good candidate for a surgery for obesity, here are some guidelines that will help you enjoy better results for your medical procedure done overseas.

Select your doctor carefully

traveloverseasYour surgeon is the only person who can assess if you’re a good candidate for your procedure. Be sure to select a surgeon who can discuss with you all the expected outcome, the risks and who can perform a medical screening on you before proceeding to the procedure. This is the most important as your doctor will be responsible for your safety in all phases of your procedure. Selecting your doctor would also mean checking out for his training, certifications and his reputation among the medical community where he belongs. Your doctor should also be your direct contact and not a travel agent or a clinic staff. Selecting your doctor also means checking out reference information on previous patients who underwent same surgery for obesity, his clinic and staff and after-care facilities. Your doctor should be able to provide post-operative follow-up.

Select an accredited travel agency

If you are considering a weight loss surgery, you should select a place where it is safe and conducive to your health care before and after the procedure. You can talk to a travel agency that is connected with promoting medical tourism for country you want to have your procedure. They’re licensed to provide accommodation for travellers who are considering a surgery for obesity. As regulations and restrictions vary from one country to another, your travel agent can discuss with you all options for good accommodation when going for a medical procedure. Your travel agent can also discuss with you when is the best time to come as going early may results to health conditions that can lead to complications during or after the procedures.

Don’t go without an insurance

Your health insurance is your biggest provider of protection while going for a medical procedure abroad. Make sure your insurance has coverage for your intended procedure like gastric banding as some travel insurance have coverage closures that might give you problems when claiming for doctor’s fees, hospital bills and medications. Discuss with your agent if you are completely covered or your coverage would allow medication procedure perform outside your country. Better yet, get an International Medical Insurance to cover you when considering medical procedure while travelling.

When travelling overseas for surgery, always remember you’re in a stranger’s place. Take all the necessary precautions to enjoy the full benefits and promises of well-performed medical procedures.

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