The Most Unbelievable History that you must learn about this Festive Season

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It is always awesome and highly memorable to learn about great things in the world. To learn about the ancient kings who where not only powerful but also very wise. If you have such passion then you need to travel to Ireland this season. There are so many historical places in Ireland that you can’t afford to miss. For instance, you cannot fail to acknowledge the design of Knowth or miss a presentation about Dunlance castle. They are totally spectacular and their history one of a kind. Ireland history was not build over a decade but thousands of year and you can easily notice that through well maintained and still strong castle, colossal tombs and iconic landmarks.

Castle of Dunlance

Here you will notice how clever Clan Macdonnell was. This castle sits at the top of a crag and only connected by a bridge. While in this castle you can get a clear view of the sea and surrounding region. Besides that, the castle has a long history dating back in 13th century. The earl of Atrim build a luxurious residence within its wall but the kitchen collapsed in 1639 killing all the staff. This was improvised after 1690 battle of Boyne. Though the earl abandoned the castle, it is still in good form to date and you can explore every part of it while enjoying its long history.

The iconic Knowth

Neolithic inhibitors of Boyne river valley built a structure that will be remembered forever. Crescent and spiral shaped monumental structures found here date back to 3200 BC and contains many per-historical arts. These structures are circular in nature and contain decorated stones that are capped with grass cover in mushroom shape. There are over 200 structures of the same kind which are believed to be tombs. Besides being so spectacular it has history that you must hear about.


inishmurrayThis small inhibited island found near Sligo coast has history dating back in 6th century. This Christian settlement is attributed to St. Molaise and contains a church and huts enclosed in 15 feet high massive and circular stone walls. The stone used in building where circular in nature. The main purpose of that is to bless or curse someone most probably an enemy. This place has so much to learn in terms of history. In fact it was even associated with Hitler falling. You can access this island through boat services from Mullaghmore and Rosses Point.


This ancient castle was known for its best scholars and saints. It was one of the best learning centers between 7th and 12th century. This University was founded in 548 by St. Ciaran and it was the top ranked university before the rise of oxford. This monastery contains best collection of ancient churches, towers and graves including that of the kings of Ireland.

Kilmainham Gaol

This Dublin prison is very significant since it shows how Irish men and women fought for their independence fearlessly. Many Irish leaders who were rebellious were imprisoned here. Here you will get to know great story of great people like Joseph Plunkett and James Cobbolly who were killed by firing squad. This prison is unoccupied and frequently it has been used in film production.

Cahir castle

Despite being around for more than 10 centuries, this castle is still very strong. This is one of the largest Ireland castles that are well preserved. It was former Butler noble family’s castle and it is located on rocky island on river Suir. This castle is found in Tipperary County in south Central Island.

These are only few of historical places in Ireland. There are so many of them. Some even date back to more than 5000 years ago. Travel to Ireland today and be part of very unique and incomparable history.

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