Weight Loss Camps: Good or Bad?

With the popularity of the reality show “The Biggest Loser” comes a new trend in weight loss. In true TBL fashion, a fat camp made tongues wagging in various parts of the world. Specially made for grown-ups who want to go on a swift journey to achieving a slim fit body contour.

Unlike the common impression of many, weight loss resorts, spas, and retreats were around for decades. They only get the spotlight these days due to the increasing interest people have about fighting obesity and its health risks. They continue to surge in popularity, specifically gaining a lot of boost from “The Biggest Loser” TV show.

Worldwide Concern

campA weight loss retreat is very appealing, since this kind of problem does not choose color or culture. Weight loss is a worldwide concern that is at one end receiving a lot of attention because it makes the fitness industry all abloom.

Then again, results are not typical in those kinds of environment. Weight loss retreats do not guarantee 100% results, just like the rest. It will only work to those who will develop strong motivation to move forward with the weight loss plan. Since the challenges can be really heavy, it takes determination to ensure that you stay committed while you are in the camp and long after you have been out in the open.

In weight loss retreats, there are structured exercise and diet plans. Meals are prepared specifically to meet the nutritional requirements of each individual while taking note of how they will be able to shed those extra pounds. It is not a quick fix but it seeks to develop a weight loss lifestyle for overweight individuals who are looking for long-term weight management.

The Pros and Cons

It is very important for anyone looking to join health retreats that they understand what the program entails. The structured environment is created so people will only talk about, think about, and breath about weight loss. The short-term program seeks to develop sustainable lifestyle changes so the participants would not need coming over and over to the camp.

If you are not willing to be lured to a totally different lifestyle, you will surely struggle. If your mindset is not focused on making weight loss a lifetime commitment, coming inside fat camps will not make any difference. Plus, there is also the money issue. Health spas, weight loss retreats, and fat camps charge a considerably big amount – and they don’t necessarily equate to instant weight management.

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