Spice-up Your Search on Wedding Videographer with these Insights

wedding_vid3One of the wedding essentials is wedding videography. You have to hire a wedding videographer to do your wedding video. And before you hire one, you have to do some researching and learn on what wedding videography style would fit your dream wedding. Here are some peeks on wedding videography styles to help you get started.

1. Cinematic

A wedding videographer who films and edits wedding videos like a movie with a view emphasizing the emotions and drama of the day is doing a cinematic wedding videography. This style calls for more footages, music, and special effects such as slow motion and playbacks. The biggest come-on of this style is the film-like features where there’s a feeling one is watching a film rather than a plain and ordinary wedding video.

2. Journalistic

This style is also called as documentary or reportage. The wedding videographer using this style captures wedding moments in the entire day as they happen. The editing is done in linear way where you expect to see and watch all that happened from the morning preparations  through the evening reception and everything that comes in between. Some may include interviews of the bride and groom, their guests and other special people in the wedding. Usually, the Sydney wedding video tasked to do documentary wedding videography stays in the background and he doesn’t interact much with the couple and the guests simply because he’s not retelling a love story but merely documenting or reporting it.

 3. Traditional

Although this style is getting less popular, it is still used by some professionals who film the wedding from start to finish. This style is with less editing or no editing at all.

 4. Short form

This is the opposite of traditional style when it comes to popularity, as nowadays, it is getting popular among young and modern couples. The wedding videography is done in 15 to less than an hour. The wedding video gets away from the lengthy speeches and other unnecessary footages. Many professional wedding videography Sydney offer short form wedding videography for sleek, classic and modern wedding themes.

5. Musical or Marryyoke

This style has a musical element where the bride, the groom, and the guests interact throughout the entire wedding with a music or song chosen by the couple. The end video is an edited musical wedding video.

In choosing your wedding videography, there are many things to consider like budget or wedding themes, and if you make the right decision, it’ll be one of the wedding must-haves that can make the memories last a lifetime.

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