Importance of Airbags

When you purchase a car, the selection process must not only consist of choosing the car brand or the car model, nor its color but rather you must also keep in mind that safety should be the foremost concern.  Whether you are buying a second hand car or a brand new one, it is important that you check the safety features of the car such as its seatbelts, if they are working properly, and its airbags.  It is essential that the car has those and that they are functioning very well.

carairbagsSeatbelts and airbags actually go hand in hand in terms of providing the passengers safety, but what really makes the airbag important?  Airbags are an essential safety feature of a car as they help reduce the possibility of passengers getting grave chest and head injuries in car accidents.  Another significance of the airbag is that it safeguards the passengers from experiencing hard impacts in a car accident.

An airbag is known to be an inactive type of safety element because it only comes out or inflates after an accident has already occurred.  There are also different types of airbags for different car types, for example, an airbag for a luxury car is different from a 4 Wheel Drive airbags.  A luxury car like Volvo has a different airbag system because it has a side impact protection system and has about eight airbags around the car to give optimal protection for the passengers. While, a regular car has only two airbags on both areas of the front seat meaning one for the front seat passenger and the other one for the driver.

An airbag is made up of 3 components.  The bag itself is made of thin, nylon fabric that is folded into the seat, door, steering wheel or dashboard, and another component is the sensor that signals the bag to inflate.  The third part is the inflation system that uses hot nitrogen gas, sodium ozide and potassium nitrate to pump up the bag.

There are also different brands that manufacture airbags such as Firestone Airbags that has different airbags for different car brands.   Firestone has airbags for Ford, Chevy, Acura, Buick, Honda, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Scion, Toyota, and Volkswagen among many other brands more.

Another manufacturer of airbags is an Australian company that is based in Brisbane.  This company is called Air Bag Man and it is the top supplier of Firestone and Dunlop.  They are very good in terms of designing and creating air suspension.  They also modernized the vehicle suspension and industry.

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