3 Factors that Make a Great Photo Booth Hire

The photo booth is not just one of those regular accessories that make events more fun. With the right wedding or corporate photo booth hire, you could make this a great experience that your guests will really cherish for the rest of their lives.

photobooth2Take note of the operative phrase above that is the ‘right wedding or corporate photo booth’. It is very important that you choose your supplier well or else it will be just another one of those events with a photo booth set up in the lobby. But, we’re here to help.

Below are some of the factors that make a great photobooth hire Sydney:

Decent equipment offered

Photo booths would be nothing without a camera. Although the capabilities of the tiny cameras on our Android and iPhone units are pretty impressive, nothing beats a good DSLR. Now, it doesn’t matter what brand the company you’re thinking of hiring is using. Just see to it that those are working well and would take more than just decent photos.

For bigger events with over five hundred guests, two or three set-ups might be necessary. This means that the corporate photo booth hire should be ready for that.

Other equipment needed includes a nice laptop for editing with the necessary software, fast and clear photo printer, tripods for the camera, lighting set-up and a touch screen monitor. The monitor is not part of the ‘basic’ requirements but it’s nice that the company can offer this as well.

The whole set-up

The older (late 80s to early 90s) version of the photo booth is that wherein two or three people enter a small booth and have their pictures taken there. Some clients still ask for this so it would be great that the company can provide this too.

But more people go for the newer, airier version. This set-up usually includes a backdrop with the print of the company event or the essential facts about the wedding, a long line of costumes to be worn and a huge box of props on the side.

Copies of the photos

Finally, the wedding and/or corporate photo booth hire should be able to offer actual prints. For weddings, two to three copies per photo would be enough as one goes to the couple and the two others to the guests. But for corporate events, it would be best if the company can give more as mementos.

In any kind of event, photo booth is in demand. If you want to dive-in to this trend, go for http://eleganthire.com.au/

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