When it comes to things to do and places to see in Ireland, there is nothing better than The Gathering 2013. It is the biggest and longest festival in the history of the country because it is a yearlong celebration. Imagine the whole of Ireland as the venue, and the host is the entire population of the country. You just can’t find a better deal than that. The festival started 1 January 2013 and it will last obviously until December 31st.

This year is the best time to visit the country since it is also a great opportunity for you to reunite with long lost relatives. Aside from that, there is always a tea party, street party, or any festival for that matter. Prepare to see some fabulous fireworks as well. Thousands of places of interest are available for you to visit and enjoy.  Accommodations will not be a problem, as you have almost 30 5-star hotels to choose from, and there are even more standard hotels, not to mention the country’s amazing bed and breakfasts. The Ritz Carlton, Ballyfin, or The Merrion is just some examples.

Dining options are just as many. If you like fine dining, try The Tea Room at the Clarence Hotel. Chapter One and Restaurant Patrick Gilbaud are great choices, too. If you want to taste real Irish food, go to the pubs, where you can feast on potato bread, bacon and cabbage, black pudding, and cottage pie.

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