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Captivate your taste buds with tantalizing Irish foods

May 15th, 2014

Many people associate Irish foods with Irish stew and corned beef with cabbage; however, this is not the case. A trip to Ireland will give you a different perspective n the kinds of foods served in the country, foods such as cabbage and bacon did not originate in Ireland but on the emerald isle and it is taken as a traditional Irish food. Irish cuisine as been developed over the decades through famine and economic hardship and it incorporates essentials that create simple food. The foods served today have a modern flair and are made through the use of ingredients and techniques that can cater for any kind of traveler. Some of the traditional Irish foods include

lamb_stewIrish lamb stew 

This is created from mutton, beef, or lamb, mutton is mostly favored because of its tenderness and the flavor. The stew includes parsley, potatoes, onions, and carrots to create a tantalizing stew.

Cabbage and bacon

This has become a traditional delicacy in Ireland and can be found in nearly all the restaurants, the main foundation is boiled bacon that is served with boiled cabbage and potatoes. This was a popular dish in the past because all the ingredients could be found easily by farming rather than markets. The dish is nutritionally sound and even today it remains a common meal in many households.

Soda bread

This meal has gained notoriety in Ireland, it is made up of white flour forms as the base, and sweetening maybe required if it is a whole meal bread or fried if the white flour form is used.


This consists of chopped spring onions that are blended with milk, mashed potatoes, and butter thereafter seasoned with salt and pepper. The dish is popular in upcountry Ireland because it is easy and inexpensive to make.

Mash and bangers

This actually originated in England but later became more popular in Ireland; it consists of mashed potatoes and beef sausages or flavored pork. The dish is often served with rich and savory onion gravy. Another alternative is serving it with fried onions.


Boxty is potatoes pancake a major traditional Irish cuisine, the dish is popularly eaten in the midland regions. There are varieties for the recipe however, in other scenarios the potatoes are finely chopped and fried. Moreover, the popular dish of this kind today is the incorporation of buttermilk, baking soda, mashed potatoes, eggs, and flour.


This is an Irish finger food of pigs feet doused in salt; the cuisine is consumed with cabbage or boiled. Understanding the history of Ireland is essential for you to embrace the different kinds of foods served in the country. To fully appreciate the traditional Irish foods, it is imperative to remember that most of the foods are made with minimum bare ingredients, each meal is a reflection of the country’s history that is enriched with diverse cultural and multi dynamic cuisine. The simple meals capture the essence of the Irish people.

In summary, for anyone who wants a sumptuous and traditional rich cuisine should try Irish foods!

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