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Ireland: A perfect place to have a break

November 1st, 2013

coastGoing out on a holiday vacation may be one of the sweetest things we can ever hear. Out of all the stress we feel every single day whether from work, school or home, let us all be honest, we deserve a holiday for ourselves. Since we all work hard and strive in life to attain what is best for us, we all somehow need a break at some point in our lives. We can never go on forever working, we need something that we call “ME” time wherein it is just you and anything that you really long for.

Whenever we hear the holiday, it’s like when a child hears the word candy, we get all excited and psyched about everything. It is like a prize from all our hard work and whoever did an excellent job deserves it.

If you happen to have that long weekend holidays coming up, you might want to book a flight right away on the way to Ireland, a wonderful landscape that will surely take your breath away the moment you step foot in this beautiful archipelago.

Ireland is an island country in Europe located in north-west. It is the third largest island in Europe and the twentieth largest on Earth. The country is characterized as a cool and green suburban place that is very great for spending peaceful or fun-filled holidays.

Ireland is often rated as one of the top ten holiday destinations across the globe because of the astounding sights it has to offer. Some of the world heritage sites found here are, Bru na Boinne, County Meath; Giant’s Causeway, County Antrim and the Skellig Michael, County Kerry. There are also other destination in the country like Glendalough, a very fine ruins and hiking trails in Co Wicklow; Dingle Peninsula, a Gaeltecht region in the corner of the country; Aran Islands located in Galway bay; Connemara in the Eastern county Galway; and Kinsale, a gastronomic excellent place in the oldest towns of Ireland.

The most famous holiday of the country is the St. Patrick’s Day, it’s a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on the 17th of March every year. It recognizes the patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick and is often associated with a four-leaf clover. This day is also a feast day in the church of Ireland. The wearing of green clothing is the symbol of this feast and it is such a huge holiday not only for the Irish people but also for other countries such as Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Argentina.

Ireland is often considered a perfect place to have a break. It is filled with astounding sites, rich historical heritage and fun-loving people that know how to respect and treat travellers with kindness.

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