About Us

We came up with this travel company when we realized that there is a great number of Americans with Irish ancestry and genealogy is slowly gaining popularity as a hobby around the world. Millions of people are interested in coming to Ireland to trace the roots of their family tree. We also received some online marketing assistance from SEO Sydney Experts that made our marketing a lot easier to do,

Being of Irish descent ourselves, we discovered how significant and enlightening it can be to trace one’s roots and find out everything about where we came from. It gave us a feeling of being connected to something bigger than ourselves, of being complete or whole; that most of us started from a single family. We want you, our Irish relatives, to go through the same experience, to trace your Irish ancestry and then visit the country that has been a part of you all along.

Being able to learn about our past can help us deal with the present and look to the future with a new and improved perspective. You will be able to visit the homes of our ancestors, see how they used to live, how they loved their families, how they made a living, and the best part is to meet their descendants, who are you blood relatives. At the same time, you will be seeing your home country and explore its beauty, grandeur, and most of all, its resilience.

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