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Top 8 Things to do and see in Ireland

May 13th, 2015

Ireland describes itself as a land of a hundred thousand welcomes. It is easy to explore the country due to its small size. It is a magical land filled with sheer cliffs, castles, green hills,beautiful landscapes,Irish art and culture. You can travel to Ireland by public means which includes buses and trains.

The following are top things to do and see in Ireland:

  • Visit the Galway

It is a popular tourist attraction in the world famous for its horse racing festivals. The must see things here include Abbey (a beautiful Benedictine monastery) and the Connemara where the quite man was filmed. The city is also a hub for musicians, students and writers.

  • Scramble across the Giant’s Causeway

Giants_CausewayCross the Northern Ireland border and visit the Giant’s Causeway which is a famous UNESCO World Heritage site. The geological wonder is surrounded with myths of interlocking basalt columns that looks like the stairs of the giants. You can also combine this by visiting the Bushmills Distillery and have a taste of Ireland’s finest whiskey.

Read more about the Giant’s Causeway:

  • Visit at least one castle

The entire Ireland country is filled with castles in various states of (dis)repair. See the historical beauties which include the Cahir castle in Tipperary and the crumbling ruins of Dunluce castle. It is also believed that kissing the Blarnery stone at the castle that bears the same name brings good luck.

  • Visit the Ulster Museum

The museum is located in the Botanical Gardens in Belfast. It reveals the interesting history of Ireland and hosts a collection of Irish artifacts. It also exhibits local wildlife and you can as well have tea in the cafe.

  • Aran islands

It is a wild beauty lying an hour off the mainland. You can use pony traps, buses and bikes to get around the island. It houses various ruins, castles and heritage sights for example. The two major attractions in the island are O’Briens and Tobar Einne.

  • John F Kennedy Arboretum

It is located in Wexford County and it is a home to over 4500 species of shrubs and trees. It has several visitors’ center, tea rooms and picnic area. There is also a little train that runs through the park in summer.

  • Be Entranced by New grange

It is a prehistoric burial mound dating over 5000 years back. It is older than the Stonehenge. A beam of light streams down the perfectly aligned entrance on every year’s date of winter Solstice to illuminate the burials chamber interior. Newgrange is designed to offer an informative visit.

  • Hike in Connemara

It is an awe-inspiring national park ideal for forest bike riding and hiking. It have a an old mining area, several castles, a history center and heritage. It is the best place for hikes in Northern Ireland.

A travel to Ireland should not be stressing are there are public means of transportation to move around and they include trains, buses and boats. You can also rent a car as the charges are pocket friendly. Always plan ahead to make good use of your money. Buy travel guides for adequate planning. Make an informed decision by visit a land of wonders filled with Irish art and culture.


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