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Discovery And Adventure In Ireland, And The Trans-Atlantic Voyage

September 24th, 2014

Dunbrody Famine ShipGuess what awaits you when you travel to Ireland? The amazing wild Atlantic way with cliffs, seafood, beaches and bays that underline a wonderful, wild and rugged time; The Saint Patricks Trail, just to give a glimpse what Ireland is all about. The wild Atlantic Way, found in the untamed West Coast of Ireland, presents you with an adventure you will never want to end or stop. It is simply a mixture of magic, beauty, adventure and history, all in plenty. It is one of the wildest, culturally rich and most enchanting coastal expeditions in the entire world. The tour is bound to give you memories of a lifetime.

The wild Atlantic way is divided into five stages, namely, Donegal county, Mayo from Donegal, Clare from Mayo, Kerry from Clare and finally Kerry to Cork.

Preparation It isn’t a headache to prepare for your trip. It is very important to choose a good and experienced travel company. Once you have found the best company with the best packages, everything else will fall in place. You will be guided on how to select or choose the best pre-planned itineraries that give you the best. You can also plot your own route using a map. If you are tech savvy, you can download The free Wild Atlantic App, which presents you with all the highlights of the Wild Atlantic Way. It ensures that you miss nothing of this very exciting adventure. It is downloadable either by Android or IOS.

Across The Atlantic One of the most humbling trips I have ever enjoyed is the visit to the New Ross Quayside. The history of Ireland is not over until you mention the famine emigration, back in time. The story of the voyage and the Irish emigrant experience is as legendary, yet as fresh and as real as the ship itself. At the New Ross Quayside, the Audio Visual dramatization of the historical scenes of the emigration of the brave and hungry emigrants due to hunger and famine, simply takes you back in time, several centuries back. The potato crop had failed and food prices were skyrocketing….. What option was left for the Irish, except to find survival abroad?

Enter The ancient, three masted barque, the Dunbrody Famine Ship. From the Departure and the voyage to the arrival in New York and the Irish American hall of fame, you are treated to the real experience of the Irish people in America. A trip to New Ross and the voyage by the Dunbrody Famine Ship is more of a vacation and holiday trip; It is also a tribute to the brave Irish who ventured abroad for survival under very extreme circumstances.

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