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Traveling to Ireland: Aspects of Culture

December 12th, 2013

Many people traveling to Ireland for the first time may worry about the culture in Ireland. However, you should not worry because there are a lot of similarities between the Irish culture and the American, and even other cultures. It is worth noting that the Irish people are very hospitable, courteous and they value people. Naturally, the people are quick-witted and like to welcome visitors.

irelandAlthough the Irish people are hard working, they tend to live less-stressful lives. They love to spend times with friends having a drink, coffee or just a chat. Besides, they place a lot of value to close-knit families. The following are a number of aspects in Irish culture:

1. Gift-giving

If you get invited by someone for a meal, it is advisable to bring a gift such as a bottle of wine, chocolate, a bunch of flowers, etc.

2. Handshakes are very important

When you meet new people, a firm handshake is expected while maintaining eye contact. New people can be friends, business people or family members.

3. Drinks etiquette

If you plan to travel Ireland, you should be conscious of the “rounds” aspect of culture. In pubs and other places of entertainment, people like to buy each other drinks. Rejecting a drink offered to you is seen as being disrespectful.

4. The Irish Time

Although the Irish people tend not to be time conscious (and are always late) for social and business meetings, you ought not to be late for meetings.

5. The Best Behavior that you can exhibit

The Irish people tend to hate pretentious attitudes. They enjoy the company of humble and reserved people.

6. Dress Appropriately

Ireland receives a lot of rain. Thus, you should never leave a raincoat. The traditional Irish garb appears not to be flashy.

7. When you in Business

Although the Irish people are friendly, they take businesses very seriously. They are good in planning and strategy. They tend to be tenacious and astute in formulating business policies.

8. The Irish people are not overly affectionate 

Most people in Ireland do not like public displays and do not demonstrate affection in public.

9. Mind the spuds

Always ensure you finish the meals offered to you as it is considered respectful. Small plates are provided where you can discard potato peels.

10. In case trouble strikes

Irish people like to stay calm and opt for creative ways to deal with crises.

If you are planning to travel Ireland, hopefully, those tips will help you adapt quickly all aspects of culture.

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